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Saving Money On Stampin’ Up!- Getting the most for your money

Do you love Stampin’ Up products but don’t want to spend a ton of money on them? Keep reading for my best tips on how to get the most for your money! (Including tips on how to get exactly what you want for FREE)

My number 1 tip when you’re trying to save on products is to make a wishlist. Creating a wishlist not only helps you see the products you want, it’ll also help you create a budget. Click the button to download a blank wishlist to get you started!

Now that you have your wishlist, what do we do with it? Well you could just order the products on the list and pay retail but that’s not what this blog post is about is it?

Before I became a Stampin Up Demonstrator, the best way I saved money is by placing orders that earned Stampin Rewards. I seriously never placed an order under $150 because I wanted those rewards and to unlock exclusive host items. I then realized that I could save even more money by becoming a demonstrator, placing those $150 orders, getting the Stampin Rewards AND a 20% discount. 😮

If your wishlist is over $100, the best way to save money on it is by joining. Seriously, stick with me.

Let’s do some math! (I hate math but this is the kind I like). You can get ANY current product (excluding SAB and host items) in your starter kit. You pay $99. You pick $125 in product. That’s it. And look at all the free things included.

Not only do you get over $26 in product for FREE, but take a look at the other benefits. And that’s not even all of them!

Once you’re a Stampin Up Demonstrator, you’ll also start with a 20% discount on all future demonstrator orders! That’s a great savings right there. Once you’re promoted to Bronze Elite status, that discount jumps to 25%! Take a look at how much I saved on a recent order. That savings is a tank of gas in my car.

If you want to maximize your value and learn more about everything that you get by joining my team, click the button below!

Not ready to join? Take a look at my other money saving tips!

If you’re not ready to join but still want to save money, host a Stampin Up party! My hosts on average earn about $40 in rewards that can be used on anything in the catalogs!

Parties are a quick and easy way to get items on your wishlist for FREE. And you can even use the rewards you earn towards the price of the starter kit. I had one team member join for $40 and she still got to pick $125 in product!

Parties typically last about an hour and I walk you through everything. Or you can try one of my new 15 minute parties which are done through a website. You send the link to your friends and the party is held at their convenience. Click the button to get your party started!

Don’t want to host a party? You can still save money!

If you’re on the fence about joining and don’t want to host a party, you can still save money!

I can open a personal host code for you. Once you have $150 in orders on that code, you’ll earn Stampin Rewards. Free money towards any Stampin Up products you’d like! The code and link can also be shared with friends. Their purchases help you earn even more Rewards! Fill out the form to get your host code!

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this blog post! I hope you learned some ways save money on your Stampin Up products. Tell me in the comments your favorite ways to save money on Stampin’ Up!

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