Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip- Cleaning Your Blending Brushes

I LOVE the new blending brushes coming in the Jan-June Mini Catalog!! In today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you how to clean them and why one set is probably all you’ll ever need.

Have you seen the new Blending Brushes? They’re awesome! You can find them on page 70 of the new Jan-June Mini Catalog. Item number 153611.

They are $12 for three 6″ brushes which is $4 a brush. They are so worth it! I’ve seen in some Facebook groups about how people are buying packs and packs of these. They like to have one for each color family. If you like that, that’s fine! However, I’ve found that one pack is all I need!

I made this beautiful background for an upcoming card. I used Daffodil Delight, Bumblebee and Mango Melody. Pretty right?

But boy, did my brush get dirty!

I literally put a drop of dawn dish soap on my brush. I ran it under warm water and rubbed it in with my finger. Make sure you only use a drop and rinse it out really well! You don’t want soap residue when you go to use it again.

Voila! Looks brand new. I leave it on a kitchen towel to air dry and the next day, it’s ready to use again.

I even tried it with darker colors and reds. It came clean every time!

I hope you enjoyed today’s tip! Get your pack of blending brushes January 5th when the new mini goes live!

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